Second Introductions

This is not my first blog.

Yet, I intend for this one to not get eaten by the internet and its dark vastness and my inexperience!

My name is Ashley, and I welcome you to my new blog!

Over time, I know we will become very acquainted with one another but let me start with a brief introduction.

I am currently a full-time diesel mechanic, having commenced my apprenticeship after completing my high school career with academic results in the top 5% of the state.

If you’re thinking: “what?!” then you are among the people who asked ‘why aren’t you studying to become an engineer?’. If my decision to become an apprentice confuses you, then I implore you to keep following, because to-date this decision remains the most significant life decision I have made.

Beyond my career, I have ambitions to become a published author.

I am a writer, published or not. Writing is in my blood, yet even passion requires work and commitment.

Through this blog I aim to impart some of my experiences to you, and along the way share some magic through the joy of story telling. But, ultimately, I seek to refine my skill, connect with people, and grow as an individual and writer.

If you are on this journey with me, thank you! I look forward to getting to know you.

Ashley Beeby

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