A Comment on Work Experience.

I was recently asked to make a short video talking about the value of Work Experience for my high school. It’s an exciting topic for me because Work Experience was a pivotal moment in my life. Due to the industry connection between my first employer and my high school’s Trade Training Center, I was able to attend a career-defining week.

If it wasn’t for the opportunity to enter the workforce early as a Work Experience student, I don’t know what career I might be in now. Fortunately, I found my trade because of my week with in the workshop.

I’ve often wondered why Work Experience is only a once-off activity. Especially when educated, trained and skilled people can still struggle to get into jobs due to the competitiveness and requirements for ‘previous experience’. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it was a common practice for Work Experience to occur at all ages, helping companies employ the right people for the job and giving workers the chance to gain valuable experiences?

I’d love to know what your experiences of Work Experience were. Let me know below!

Here’s the video I made for the year 10 students:

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